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How long does it take to learn Chinese in China

learn chinese in china

Depending on your abilities and previous knowledge Chinese can be learned in about 30 weeks. But it also depends on the intensity of the course and the quality of teaching as well as the learning material. You need to ensure that your school is doing everything to get you on track fast and you will be given extra support when you need it.

 If you are not very good at languages, as Chinese is one of the most difficult ones to learn you might want to look for some private tuition lessons instead of group activities to learn Chinese in China.

 If you are looking for an internship your best option is to get on a work experience program that is going to give you the basic knowledge of he Chinese language initially, and then place you in a Chinese speaking environment where you can pick up the work and professional language much quicker. Not to mention that you will learn the special customs and expressions from Chinese speaking people in the workplace. You will also learn interesting listening and conversational skills and get your communication on track much faster.

 If you are determined to learn Chinese in China you need to weigh your options and choose the best solutions depending on your future plans. Contact a certified Chinese course organizer for details and get different offers before you make up your mind which one to attend.