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 China has plenty of potential, and is the fastest developing country in the world at the moment. There are great reasons to learn Chinese in China, it you want to stretch yourself and love challenges, it is a great option for you. The other reason is that you can only learn a language by learning the culture as well. With getting to know real Chinese people and being able to learn Chinese in China from native speakers you are getting a huge advantage. You might also get to know some people who can help you further later, if you want to advance your Study in China.

 Other than the economy of China there are other cultural reasons as well to learn the language. This is a language spoken by 937,132,000 people worldwide. It is the most common language in the World, and if you are looking at building up relationships, either business or professional, you are going to be treated differently if you speak the language. Although many Chinese do speak English, they are going to respect your efforts to study Chinese in China and your interest in the culture. 

How hard is it to learn Chinese in China

 There are plenty of differences between the western languages and Chinese. Your first problem is going to be the tones. You can learn a word but if you do not pronounce it the right way it is going to mean something totally different and nobody will understand you. That is why it is important to learn Chinese in China if you want to get the tones right. There might be some non native teachers in your country who think they can speak the language but wouldn't be able to make Chinese people understand what they say because of the tones. There are about five different tones used and depending on the tone the meaning of the word can change completely.

 You are also going to have some problems with the writing. It is not the usual writing system, and unless your teacher was taught from the small age to write correctly you are never going to learn to write in Chinese. There are around 60.000 different characters in Chinese and no alphabet. It can be challenging for a student from a western culture, and writing can only be accomplished by the same methods Chinese learn them. That is why you need to go and learn Chinese in China.

 The good news is that at least the grammar seems to be much simpler in Chinese language, it does not mean that you will pick it up immediately. You need to hear Chinese use the words to learn using them yourself. If you study in China you will meet people everywhere speaking Chinese and you have more chances to pick up grammar, sentence structures and engage in a conversation to practice your skills. 


Learn Chinese in China

How to look for options to learn Chinese in China

 There are great reputable Chinese courses advertised at universities, colleges and on the Internet to study Chinese in China. But there are some main aspects you need to look for before you decide with one or other institution.

 You need to determine the structure of the course and how intensive it is. You have to ensure that you will pick up enough knowledge to be able to develop your language skills further after the course.

 You also have to check out the school's reputation advertising courses to learn Chinese in China.

 There are some great programs to study in China, including work experience programs, short courses and some with the added cultural aspect as well. When you are in China you need to ensure you are building up as many relationships as possible and get the most out of the program. Some courses do arrange the accommodation and travel, some do not.

 You need to look at the price of the complete package. You might need some extra equipment and books specially designed to learn Chinese in China. Ask the course organizer company to provide you with all the details and the list of things included in the package.

 If you are still studying full time, you might want to look at some summer courses to study in China and pick up the language fast. But if you are a professional looking to impress potential Chinese customers and clients, you might want to look into choosing a business course that also covers business language and etiquette, which is totally different from the Western cultures'.